The Human Resolve ®

S3:E14. The One About Connecting Back To Calm

July 4, 2022

"Every morning I do what's called RPM - it's Rest Pee Meditate. It also helps to increase what's called brain-derived neurotrophic factor to increase synapses in your brain. And after having two brain injuries, I need to optimize my brain health...I would add coffee and gratitude."  - Dr. Cyrina Bullard, Speaker, Author & Trainer & Liz Rutledge, Mindful Sustainability Educator 


• "Where am I taking myself today? Because is this serving me or not"

• "The D equals dopamine. O for oxytocin. S for serotonin. E for endorphins. So those are the chemicals that are produced when we're happy"

• "To try to help people realize you are in charge of different things in your life. So how can you optimize them"

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I believe life speaks to us in different ways.  Many of us listen, but don't know how or where to begin. As someone who has crossed the bridge between life and death, I say simply begin where you are now and get busy living.

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I've been seeking answers to some of life's most perplexing questions my entire life.  In 2014 I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Cancer, and ever since, I realized my calling existed outside of what I knew to be familiar.  As a Board Certified Wellness Coach, #1 Best-selling Author, and Syndicated Columnist, my job is to ask the deep questions of those trying to make sense of their place in this fractured world. I created this podcast as a home for survivors like myself, and those who yearn to build resilience in their mindset and live their best life.

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